No Veteran Gets Left Behind


Troops for Fitness is a partnership with the Coca Cola Foundation and the National Recreation and Park Association.

OneVet OneVoice has been selected to bring this nationwide program here to SAN FRANCISCO. Veterans will lead exercise programs for the community. OneVet OneVoice just undertook training of 29 Veterans toward their Personal Training certification, and once certified they will lead community physical fitness activities.

Troops for Fitness enables OneVet OneVoice to recruit our nation's veterans to serve as wellness instructors, by creating opportunities to expand fitness and health programs - from boot camp workouts to healthy cooking classes, etc...


Our Goal is to:

1.  Create career opportunities and advancement for veterans
2.  Demonstrate a commitment to serve the community and other veterans
3.  Enhance the quality of life for neighbors and fellow veterans
4.  Recognize veterans' accomplishments and ability to meet national standards through certification
5.  Expand veterans' skills and knowledge through continuing professional development