No Veteran Gets Left Behind




401 Van Ness Ave San Francisco, CA  

The San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building is situated in the heart of the city

Over the past two years the building has undergone extensive renovation and refurbishment.Following the building's re-opening the second floor was preserved for use by the American Legion, an organization that chose to open the space to organizations seeking to provide assistance and support to the local veterans and military community.  

  • OneVet OneVoice was given the opportunity to participate in the creation of the San Francisco Veteran's Building. 
  • The San Francisco Veteran's Building will serve as "A one stop shop providing support and assistance to the local veterans community." 
  • Within the new San Francisco Veteran's Building we plan to incorporate every aspect of the HEHE model (health care, education, housing and employment) in an effort to establish an all inclusive model for veterans care.
  • OneVet OneVoice incorporates HEHE services into a centralized resource to prevent disparities that often occur when veterans and their families are forced to search for assistance.
  • OneVet OneVoice will act as the conduit for these services by providing referrals to organizations, providing such assistance, and acting as an ongoing case management resource for veterans and military families.
  • The War Memorial Building is also the venue for the Veterans Town Hall Collaborative on the fourth Wednesday of every month.