No Veteran Gets Left Behind


GI Bills

GI-Bill, either one of Post 9-11 and Montgomery, is available to most veterans. Education will not only add to your qualification, it also provides a life-long personal enrichment as well. We recommend every veteran utilizes his or her education benefits. All the school in the San Francisco area has designated GI Bill office (billing at least) and support veterans fairly well. Questions about Yellow Ribbon? Vocational Rehab? Please stop by our town hall meetings, so we can guide you and answer your questions one-on-one basis.

How to get into college?

We as veterans do not follow a typical high school > college > job path. Getting into college is not all about SAT and extra-curricular activities. We take a different approach to getting into a college. First of all, most of our military training already has college equivalent credits. With proven hard work and mental discipline, we are a great asset to any college campus.

Vocational training is great too!

If one is not interested in stereotypical college path, vocational and other professional training/apprenticeships are worth considering if you are looking for a career. Please come back later for more comprehensive guide and information.